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Team Management Software

Team Management Software is critical for busy people who understand how important it is to be organised.

We know how difficult it is to manage staff and projects using traditional project management software, so we did the reseach to find something better. These packages let you plan your projects, forecast how many people you will need, then when the time is right schedule staff onto the right tasks.

The end result is you will have a clear picture of what your staff are doing and how they are progressing.


This is my number one pick for team management, it combines all of the elements you need including the full suite of project management functions. Importantly it also has Timesheeting which means you get planned vs what actually happened. It also allows you to assign tasks to team members, categorise tasks, view timeframes, share notes and much more.

One of the first in the market it is much more mature than most of the other packages. It also has benefited from a focus on usability and design.
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5pm is a powerful project management application which delivers a good breadth of functionality wrapped in a simple user interface. All the functions are here including time tracking, simple reporting, collaboration and document sharing. It also has interactive Gantt project charts.

If you need something simple, quick to learn and visual this application will fit you perfectly.
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Things to consider

Staff Scheduling

Staff Sscheduling is the most important aspect in any Team Management Software package. These packages allow you to visually map out your projects and staff schedules. You can schedule multiple people onto tasks, for any period of time and allocated at different rates.

Visual Team Management Software Tools

Most team management software packages are little more than a collection of shared lists and unstructured data, yet despite the abundance of data it is not always obvious how it reflects what people should be working on right now. From our personal experiences with project and team management software we knew dates presented in a list format aren’t as real to people as when they see them stretched onto visual views; once people see the tasks represented visually it becomes more obvious where the plan is departing from reality and where the gaps in your schedule are.

Tracking Progress

In the individual’s view, tasks and actions should be displayed in an easy to comprehend layout with coloured bars depicting progress made. When selecting software each team member should instantly see how far through their tasks they are expected to be and can report their progress quickly, through the same interface, making your job easy.